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About Us

OLEH ELONA is a product brand that advocates the management of Eczema skin and other skin related issue. Founded in 2015 by Tengku Elona who started to experiment and handcrafted natural skin care products out of passion and personal skin issues.

Eczema Salve was our first product which has won many hearts ever since it was first shared. It has gone through several process improvements to ensure that our customers received only the best from us.

We are committed in ensuring that our products has the highest quality ingredients and staying away from the controversial ingredients you can find in most typical skin care products. Our product range are now made available at selected pharmaciesbaby & mom stores and of course our e-commerce website.

Our objective is to create more awareness on the danger of controversial ingredient products and advocate natural healing and remedy in every household. Prevention definitely is better than cure!



Elona is the perceptive and fiercely determined founder of Oleh Elona, an organisation which advocates and reintroduces natural remedy in Malaysia since 2014. Throughout her career in Oleh Elona, Elona has built trusts and friendships with other Eczema warriors and their parents.

A computer science graduate from University of Missouri Kansas City in USA, Elona spent a significant number of years in the IT industry working as computer programmer, consultant and also IT analyst. 3 years ago, Elona made the life changing leap into her passion in advocating natural remedy lifestyle and never looked back since.

Elona was not trained as a chemist nor a pharmacist, she had no preconceived ideas to crib, cabin and confine her ideas. Instead she was free to let her mind to soar to bring the best to her customers. She relied on her own intelligence, passion and ideas to craft the perfect remedy to manage Eczema in daily life. Eczema Warriors and their parents soon learnt from word of mouth of the benefits and ways to manage Eczema skin minus the controversial chemicals.

A devoted mother of 4 children, one of her children is an Eczema Warrior like herself. He was hospitalised for a week because the infection of Eczema was getting worse and antibiotics was administered to control the infection. This experience opened up a new perspective of managing eczema in younger children; how and when medical attention should intervene.

Unlike any other Eczema skin care companies, Oleh Elona is developed by an Eczema Warrior to another Eczema Warrior. Only an Eczema Warrior would understand another Eczema Warrior's dilemma.