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How fast can we see results?
As early as 3 days but again depending on individual’s skin and the severity of the dry skin

Berapa lama baru nampak kesan?
Paling cepat 3 hari mengikut keserasian kulit.

Can I apply on a young baby?
Yes. We use 99% organic and quality natural ingredients. It is almost as natural as food that you do not need to worry if your baby put his/her finger into the mouth after accidentally touching the cream. However, please do not feed your baby with our products.

Baby boleh guna tak?
Boleh. Bahan yang kami gunakan adalah asli tanpa campuran bahan kimia.

How often do we need to apply?
As frequent as needed especially when you feel or see that the skin is drying and itching.

Berapa kerap perlu sapu?
Boleh sapu dan gunakan sekerap mana terutama sekali apabila kulit kelihatan kering atau kemerahan gatal.

Can it be applied to face or intimate areas?
Yes. We use 99% organic and quality natural ingredients. We are using organic shea butter as the main ingredient. It is known for its moisturising properties which is great for face and intimate areas.

Boleh sapu di muka atau bahagian sulit?
Boleh. Bahan yang kami gunakan adalah asli tanpa campuran bahan kimia malah shea butter dipercayai mempunyai khasiat untuk melembutkan kulit muka dan bahagian sulit.

What are the side effects?
There should not be any serious skin reaction as the ingredients are organic and natural unless you have very low tolerance towards shea butter and essential oils. However, please note that this is not a medication.

Apakah kesan sampingan?
Tiada kesan sampingan kerana produk kami adalah organik. Jika terdapat kemerahan kulit itu adalah masalah keserasian setiap individu.

Is there any warranty?
No. Please note that this is not a medication for skin problem. However, 90% of our customers are happy and satisfied with our products. You will need to religiously apply the products in order to see the effectiveness. Do not try few different moisturising products at the same time as this would make it difficult for you to identify which product works best.

Ada jaminan?
Tiada. Namum produk ini telah membantu 90% bayi yang mengalami masalah ruam dan ekzema juga ibu mengandung.
Untuk lebih berkesan, anda dinasihatkan supaya rajin menggunakan produk dan tidak bertukar-tukar produk dalam masa sekurang-kurangnya seminggu. Cuba kenal pasti punca ruam atau eczema.

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